ABOVE :Sorrowful blue mask on Conrad's face

   AT RIGHT : Someone greedy beside the Holy Mother. 

      Conrad's masks are sublime, like hot shrieks and
      strange deep deep sea dwellers. They look as if one
      might meet them whilst out wearing a snorkel... One
      knows these masks as hidden aspects of the self - 
      the parts one experiences under the covers.  -  Miro
                                                  MASKS INHABITING CONRAD'S KITCHEN

Earthenware clay masks by Conrad,  fired at about 1050 - 1100F. Ball clay & oxides applied as paint while clay is leather-hard, before firing. The coral-like surface of some of the masks is made meticulously & meditatively by the artist  using a  sharp, needle-like tool,  one hole at a time  -  a  million  deaths,  a million  lives.  Masks  of  coral.








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