S C R I P T   C O N S U L T S


Informal script consults with Christina Conrad


In the course of writing your next film, there will be times when all you really want is someone you can sit down and talk to about the story, the characters and the process.

You don't want a script editor or an exhaustive assessment;

you don't want someone who's going to tell you it's great simply because they're your partner or because they like you.

What you want is an illuminating conversation with someone that understands drama and the journey & terror of writing a dramatic screenplay, someone with whom you can air your anxieties concerning what you're doing, and who will assist you in uncovering some of the as-yet-undiscovered possibilities concerning the story that is trying to get itself told. 

If you're feeling lost in the project or doubting its worth, or suddenly lacking in the confidence you need to finish the next draft, book yourself in for a conversation and a coffee.

The popularity and success of this informal and inspiring approach to script development has already been phenomenal. Satisfaction guaranteed or you pay NOTHING. So, let's do lunch, eh?  and talk about it.

Writers and writer/directors, producers, and others with a project at any stage of development are invited to book a consult now.


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SKYPE CONSULTS are also available by appointment - For inquiries write to 

or telephone 02 9712 7932


Don't let bad script advice drive you to distraction or worse.